Viktorie Surmova is a young Czech-Ukrainian singer interested in various music genres. However, her favourite genres are undoubtedly metal/rock and classical music. Despite the fact, that she’s been into music since her early childhood, she didn’t attend any singing lessons. Instead, she studied cello at public music schools in Brandys nad Labem and Benatky nad Jizerou for ten years. Nowadays she only plays cello in her leisure time.

She used to sing in choirs as she was a primary and highschool student. In 2012 she was offered a main part in an opera Cinderella composed by contemporary classical music composer Zdenek Zahradnik. Thanks to this role, Viktorie performs in various theatres across the whole country. In addition to that, she performs at Zahradnik’s concerts. The cooperation with this composer helped Viktorie with the choice of her further education – she’s been studying classical singing at a conservatory in Prague since 2015.

2015 was a busy year indeed as Viktorie took part in a metal project called Martin Beck’s Induction. This time not as a singer but as a cello player in a single Far Beyond the Horizon. The project was recorded in Slovakia at Roland Grapow’s (Masterplan, ex- Helloween) private studio. Working with Grapow and a team of professional musicians was an extremely valuable experience.

At the beginning of 2016, Viktorie appeared in Drunk with Pain‘s (melodic death metal band from Brno/CZ) single Keep Me Alive as a guest singer. The single was recorded at Sonidos studio in Brno and there is a music video filmed during the recording.

As the time went by, new opportunities have arisen. Viktorie became a member of mime ensemble of Divadlo Na Vinohradech Theatre in Prague, where she performs in a play called Její Pastrokyňa. Even though the play is a drama, there are parts where she can make use of her singing talent. She’s performing in this play during the 2016/17 season.

In the summer 2016, Viktorie appeared on “The Spectrum” compilation CD for the US. This time as a guest singer in Tonda Buček‘s (a guitar player from Brno/CZ) metal song Fennel Bride which is an English version of his Czech song Fenyklova panenka.

Viktorie used to sing in a Czech band – Surmata, where she acted as a lead singer/songwriter. The band recorded their newest songs in September 2016 in Sonidos studio, Brno.
Here is link –Surmata Youtube

Viktorie’s main focus lies on her current metal band SURMA. The band/project was founded by Viktorie and Heri Joensen (Týr) in 2018. They are currently working on the upcoming album and first shows.